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Easter Experience 2022

We are so excited to announce that this year is going to be even better than last year!! Last year Jesus took the wheel and blew our socks off! This year, we are excited to try and do even more than what we did last year! 

We want to share Easter and Christ’s love with you again! With an “Easter Experience” live walkthrough, an egg hunt, and more giveaways, we want Jesus to be the center of your Easter this year! We want to share his love with NCT and beyond! 


Once again, we can’t do this without you, community members, business owners, leaders, families, whoever is willing to help! We need bikes of all sizes and themed Easter baskets! We have made it a very easy process! Just click the sign-up link, see what still needs donated, click what you are interested in donating to the Easter event, and it will ask you to sign up for it! Put your info in and then contact us to drop it off! Super simple! We do ask that if you sign up for a bike, please have it already together when it is dropped off. Helmets are always a great added touch but not necessary. 

Also, individually wrapped candy donations (not chocolate) would be a huge blessing as well! We currently have 10,000 Easter eggs just from HPP. Community churches and other organizations will be adding to that number as well! WE NEED CANDY!!! 😉 
If you are not able to donate a bike, basket, or candy, please feel free to click the donate button and all monetary donations will go towards our outreach projects! Thank you again for all of your help! We CANNOT wait!!

Deadline for candy donations is March 25th! Even sooner if you can so we can start stuffing eggs! 
Deadline for bikes and baskets is April 2nd!

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